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A few year ago Simon Dunford had the chance to buy the Kougar car company, a car manufacturer since the late 60's. This is a marque Simon has been aware of since 1982 while serving an apprenticeship at a famous historic Jaguar Racing car restoration company.

Kougar Sport Classic

At that Company we worked on or rebuild a large number of original D-type and C-type Jaguars. One day a Kougar Sport came in to the workshop looking like an old 50's HWM Jaguar Grand Prix car, we were asked to fit Alloy cycle wings, Alloy Bonnet with louvers, Aero screens, side exit exhaust as D-type and a shorter nose with a MK2 Jaguar grill. All the mechanics that drove the Kougar on the routine test route were amaized how it performed both in handling and power, opinion was it would out run a D-type and for the price of a set of D-type wheels.

Kougar has over the years won countless race track and sprint events, you too can own one of these fine cars. We sell in component form or complete built cars ready for road or race use. We are building a new old Kougar, this will be an HWM type Racer, an Alloy bodied car with a Space frame based on Simon's experience in 1982 with all the old racing features. We expect these cars will be for FIA Historic papers.

Have a look through our catalogue pages & see more about these cars and how you could be one of the many very happy owners.

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